Funeral Planner

Choosing how we are remembered is extremely important, as this is the emotional legacy that family and friends will continue to interact with for generations to come.

This booklet takes you through the planning process, inviting you to record your final wishes along with the information required to settle your affairs. Some of the content may not be relevant to you and there may be other important information that you would like to include. This can be recorded at the back of the booklet.

Documenting this now will assist your family in carrying out your wishes in a way that truly reflects
you and the life that you led.

Planning ahead will also ensure that loved ones are not be burdened with difficult decisions during their
time of grief.

Once completed, this document should be filed and kept along with your will in a safe and secure place. The location of which should be made known to at least two other people. Remember there is no rush,
take as much time as you need to think, talk to others and consider your options.

Planning a funeral can be challenging, so we’re ready with the advice and guidance that you need.