Enfield Memorial Park

Looking very much like a beautifully maintained public park, Enfield Memorial Park is a green oasis and a focal point for the diverse local community. 

There is real variety in the gardens and pavilions here. Traditional rose plantings complement secluded groves of ornamental trees. Water features wind their way amongst paths dotted with shrubs. The Mausoleum Precinct has its own quiet elegance, while the Buddhist Garden has been designed as a place of harmony and peace. Alongside it, The Cascades places bold modern metal sculpture in the midst of a grove of trees standing on sprawling lawns.

Families can choose from every type of burial and memorial site at Enfield Memorial Park, including the Natural Burial option available in the peaceful Wirra Wonga area. 

Enfield Memorial Park is open to the public every day of the year and hosts a variety of community events.

Did you know? You can pre-purchase your resting space at the beautifully maintained Enfield Memorial Park. To enquire about pre-purchasing a site at Enfield please Contact Us

Generous Grace Periods

Adelaide Cemeteries offer a 25 year grace period for tenures of more than 50 years, meaning the tenure on a site won’t start until an interment takes place, or 25 years after purchase – whichever occurs first.

Interest Free Payment Plans

We know that purchasing a site can be a significant investment, that’s why we offer interest free payment plans for pre-need sites. After securing the site with a 20% deposit, the remainder can be paid off over three years with no administration fees.

Spending time together with family and loved ones to talk and reflect helps us appreciate a life and share our memories and stories. Adelaide Cemeteries offer a choice of spaces to gather and reflect. Take your time, make your choices and be our guest.

Both Reflection Rooms are air-conditioned, equipped with audio visual facilities and able to provide live streaming of funeral services at no extra cost. Our private lounges are the perfect places in which to enjoy refreshments following a funeral service. The Acacia Reflection Room accommodates 96 people seated as well as 25 standing. The Folland Reflection Room has a capacity of 110 people seated and a further 30 standing.

We are also pleased to offer a range of catering and beverage packages to suit all budgets, our hospitality team combines a wealth of experience with the respect and knowledge needed to ensure the space

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A blend of European tradition and contemporary elegance, this beautiful precinct offers an aura of quiet prestige.

There are choices of companion and single crypts within the air-conditioned Mausoleum building itself as well as outdoors in the peaceful courtyard area. Arranged over four levels, both single and companion interment options are available, each with a 99 year lease.

Families are welcome to personalise their crypt with gold leaf lettering, emblems, bronze embellishments and ceramic photos, creating a truly bespoke final resting place.

For more information on our Mausoleums please click here. 

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The Cascades garden takes its name from its unique feature, a fountain bubbling with relaxing water that steps down through a curved stream wrapping around a central sculpture.

The tiered lawns here form a natural, open amphitheatre, a welcoming space that’s perfect for small family gatherings and quiet reflection. The Cascades has proved very popular from its inception and offers a range of burial and memorial choices.

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On a westward facing slope within the picturesque gardens of Enfield Memorial Park is a bespoke interment area designed in the Buddhist tradition.
Capturing the essence of the Buddhist faith and the principles of Feng Shui, this calm and peaceful place of remembrance was blessed with holy dews, transforming it to pure land.

The focal point of the garden is the Amitabha Buddha. The impressive marble statue watches over the symmetrical gardens, which have been beautifully balanced to achieve a sense of peace and harmony. The inclusion of land gods, incense bowl and offering tables allow for Buddhist customs and traditions. The spacious area also provides ample room for family gatherings and more intimate areas for private contemplation. Vault, traditional earth burial and cremation memorial options are available.

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For those who’ve lived life in harmony with the environment, it’s only natural to choose a resting place that reflects this attitude in an authentic way.

Wirra Wonga, the Kaurna term for ‘bush grave’, is a native bushland setting created using plants indigenous to the adjacent Folland Park Reserve. This natural, environmentally sustainable burial option involves interment in a bio-degradable casket or a simple shroud, with the remains returned to the earth naturally. While there is no physical identification of the person at the place of burial, each site is micro-chipped so current and future generations can easily locate their loved ones.

The intent for this area is that it will return to natural bush land and no site markations will be visible. Should you wish to visit a loved one’s site, please contact us prior to visiting and allow 72 business hours for us to place a temporary marker on their site to enable you to locate it easily.

For more information on Natural Burials please click here. 

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The Wisteria Garden at Enfield Memorial Park is a place much-loved by the Vietnamese Catholic Community. The garden features lush lawns, fragrant roses, the Wisteria Pagoda and the cherished statue of Our Lady of the Boat People.

This garden sees constant visitation by an enthusiastic, active community that values a space to memorialise. It is also the destination the community throngs to at the end of each year’s All Souls’ Day service, to burn incense, chant and pray.

The Wisteria Garden offers a variety of options in burial and memorial sites.

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Enfield Memorial Park is place that caters to a diverse community, each with an area to call their own, to visit, reflect and remember. Adelaide Cemeteries are pleased to offer a new Full Monument Garden as part of the prestigious Enfield Mausoleum Precinct.

Adjacent to the Charlotte Garden, this newly established garden offers both earth burials and vault interments, allowing for full monumentation in a wide variety of styles.

The first stage will soon feature a statue of St Joseph, adding to the beauty of the garden along with plantings surrounding the garden.

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Enfield Memorial Park offers a range of burial options to suit your budget. From Iconic Architecture to landscaped gardens and beautifully maintained lawn areas, there is something to perfectly match your loved one.

A blend of European tradition and contemporary elegance, the Enfield Mausoleum precinct offers an aura of quiet prestige. Offering the choice of companion and single crypts both inside and in the courtyard, this represents a luxury offering for your loved one. Our Mausoleum precinct also offers Full Monument Vaults, giving your loved ones the chance for a unique and iconic burial situated amongst lush greenery in a premium area.

For those who’ve lived life in harmony with the environment, it’s only natural to choose a resting place that reflects this attitude in an authentic way. Wirra Wonga, the Kaurna term for ‘bush grave’, is a native bushland setting created using plants indigenous to the adjacent Folland Park Reserve.

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Offering on-site cremations, Enfield Memorial Park provides a wide range of areas and memorial styles to perfectly suit your loved one. From beautifully maintained rose gardens to architecturally designed spaces, natural burial areas and iconic locations such as our Buddhist Garden, there is an option to suit your budget.

Enfield Memorial Park is also pleased to offer a dedicated scatter garden if you would prefer to release a loved one’s ashes. Adelaide Cemeteries offer a range of single, companion and family sites allowing for placement of multiple sets of ashes in a range of designs.

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Enfield Memorial Park Adelaide, South Australia

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