Why Pre-purchase

Both emotionally and from a purely practical point of view, pre-purchasing cemetery sites and services is a wise move.

Talking about our final wishes well ahead of time isn’t easy, but it’s a conversation well worth having for the sake of reducing stress for the loved ones you’ll leave behind. Choosing a cemetery site – and perhaps additional products and services along with it – and pre-purchasing now means that at the end of your life there’s no confusion over what your wishes might have been. Your family can take the time to grieve without any pressure to make choices on your behalf.

Pre-purchasing also locks in present-day prices, guarding against future price rises and potentially saving your family money compared to at-need purchasing. It’s not just cemetery sites that can be pre-purchased – cremation certificates can be, along with time in our Reflection Rooms (chapels) and lounges. Bundling together all of these items is simple.

A question we hear often at Adelaide Cemeteries is “Where do I start?” Some considerations to get you headed in the right direction might include:

  • Do you want to be buried, cremated or entombed?
  • How and where do you want to be memorialised?
  • Where do you want the service to be conducted?
  • How much are you comfortable spending?

We’re ready to help when you’re ready to talk, so by all means call and speak with one of our Memorial Consultants, or simply click here to make an enquiry.

Planning a funeral can be challenging, so we’re ready with the advice and guidance that you need.