Cemetery Services

Being South Australia’s largest cemetery provider, we pride ourselves on the knowledge and experience that our team posses. Managing four distinctly different cemeteries has allowed Adelaide Cemeteries to expand their knowledge base and we’re pleased to offer these services and knowledge to other operators within the industry.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your organisation’s needs and how Adelaide Cemeteries can assist in making them happen. We have an experienced team covering all facets of cemetery operation, from customer experience and data management through to the crematorium and day-to-day cemetery management.

We understand that for many organisations, particularly councils, managing and maintaining a cemetery is not their primary business focus.

Adelaide Cemeteries currently provide cemetery management for three council-run cemeteries, including site sales, customer service and burial records management, as well as the site preparation, interment & placement of ashes.

We also provide advice on opportunities for new site development and sales opportunities. In addition, our experienced horticulture and landscaping team can assist in the upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery should that be required.

With cemeteries dating back to the earliest years of South Australian history, some of our cemeteries also feature notably old monuments.

Due to a number of external factors including changes in construction techniques and unforeseen geographical challenges as well as the effect of the elements, site monumentation can start to deteriorate and pose a potential risk to families visiting loved ones and the general public paying their respects.

Our team has already conducted a number of monument audits for external cemeteries which includes a detailed report and scoring system. Should further action be required, our operations team can project manage this on behalf of the cemetery to ensure an efficient and timely process.

As an industry leader, Adelaide Cemeteries also provide advice and consultancy on current and emerging burial practices, cremation processes and operation aspects of running a cemetery. Our team posses a detailed knowledge of the Burial & Cremation Act (2013) and the Burial and Cremation Regulations (2014), as well as how this has differed from previous legislation.

Planning a funeral can be challenging, so we’re ready with the advice and guidance that you need.