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Explore and learn about our cemeteries, compare and consider your choices. If you’d like to take a complimentary guided walk through one of our cemeteries to get to know it better, we’d be delighted to help. 

Using our Live Streaming option for funeral services is simple – just click on the ‘View Live Streaming’ button below, select or search the name of the service, click on this and enter the PIN code you have been supplied to view the service.

While there are currently no restrictions in place for Funeral Services, we will continue to work in line with current restrictions. Our Reflection Rooms can comfortably hold 90 indoors, with any additional guests outdoors in a mix of sitting and standing. Outdoor speakers and projection screens mean that even at larger funerals, guests outside can hear and see the service.

We will continue offer further updates as the situation evolves.

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Use our Burial Records search system to locate a loved one’s site in one of our four cemeteries. You can search by name, year of passing and other helpful information to help you narrow your search.

You than then see an interactive map of their location as well as being able to download a pdf version.

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Meet pioneers, politicians, trailblazing women, rogues and ratbags in a tour of Historical West Terrace Cemetery. Day Tours, Night Tours, Self-Guided Tours and more…history comes alive here. Adelaide Cemeteries also run a range of events throughout the year as part of festivals and days to remember those we’ve lost.

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Pre-purchase and choose how you’d like to be remembered.

You only get one chance to plan how you’d like to be remembered, so why leave it to someone else? Pre-purchasing opens up choices from cemetery sites to the shape of your memorial service.

Due to the need to carry out routine maintenance, floral tributes are picked up regularly by Adelaide Cemeteries. Great care is taken to ensure that tributes are handled with care during this process, which varies slightly from one cemetery to another:

At Enfield Memorial Park floral tributes are picked up on the last Tuesday of each month to allow for maintenance. Tributes are carefully placed in the racks on the edges of our gardens, and remain in these racks for one week should families wish to collect them or replace them on a site.

At Smithfield Memorial Park floral tributes are picked up during the last week of each month, with signage placed in the gardens one week prior to this activity is taking place so that families wishing to collect floral tributes themselves are given notice.

At Cheltenham Cemetery floral tributes are picked up during the last week of each month.

At West Terrace Cemetery, due to the unique nature of the cemetery and its gardens, pickup of floral tributes is not carried out and removal of flowers is the responsibility of families.

Please note that Public Holidays, special events and extreme weather may alter the timing of flower pickups on occasion. Should you have any questions regarding pickup timing or the Adelaide Cemeteries Floral Tribute Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Planning a funeral can be challenging, so we’re ready with the advice and guidance that you need.