Smithfield Memorial Park

For those who love the Australian landscape, Smithfield Memorial Park is a natural choice. Lakes, wattles and eucalypts combine with beautiful rose gardens to create a natural oasis full of colour and bird life. Smithfield Memorial Park is Adelaide’s and South Australia’s largest cemetery.

The picturesque park offers a range of contemporary, traditional and unique burial options perfect for remembering a life and ensuring an enduring legacy for generations to come. This includes Pear Tree Grove, traditional lawn areas, full monument sites as well as above ground burial options. There’s also Pilyu Yarta, the Kaurna term meaning ‘peaceful ground’ – a natural earth burial area planted with Australian natives and wild flowers.

For those who choose cremation, the park also has a wide variety of memorial options. The Gazebo Garden provides a peaceful setting surrounded by standard, bush and climbing roses, while the Peninsula offers a native bushland setting with lake views.

Smithfield Memorial Park is open to the public every day of the year.

Did you know? You can pre-purchase your resting space at the beautiful natural setting of Smithfield Memorial Park. To enquire about pre-purchasing a site at Smithfield please Contact Us

Generous Grace Periods

Adelaide Cemeteries offer a 25 year grace period for tenures of more than 50 years, meaning the tenure on a site won’t start until an interment takes place, or 25 years after purchase – whichever occurs first.

Interest Free Payment Plans

We know that purchasing a site can be a significant investment, that’s why we offer interest free payment plans for pre-need sites. After securing the site with a 20% deposit, the remainder can be paid off over three years with no administration fees.

Set in a secluded nook of Smithfield Memorial Park is Pear Tree Grove. This lawned area, planted with ornamental pear trees, provides a peaceful setting where families can commemorate the life of a loved one.

With burial sites arranged neatly around the base of each tree and a variety of memorial options also available, Pear Tree Grove offers beautiful choices by which to remember a loved one.

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Smithfield Memorial Park has its own natural charm and Pilyu Yarta, set on the park’s western fringe, takes this to another level with a purely native botanical theme and the look of a thriving area of untouched Australian bushland.

Pilyu Yarta, the Kaurna term for ‘peaceful ground’, has been specifically designed using eucalypts and native wild flowers to create a rich, diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem alive with seasonal colour.

Natural Burial, an environmentally sustainable option, involves interment in a bio-degradable casket or a simple shroud, with the remains returning to the earth naturally. While there’s no physical identification of the person at the place of burial, each site is micro-chipped to allow current and future generations to locate their loved ones.

The intent for this area is that it will return to natural bush land and no site markations will be visible. Should you wish to visit a loved one’s site, please contact us prior to visiting and allow 72 business hours for us to place a temporary marker on their site to enable you to locate it easily.

For more information on Natural Burials please click here. 

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Located 30km from the Adelaide CBD, ahead of rapidly growing residential developments, the Porta Del Paradiso provides a premium and iconic offering in the North of Adelaide.

Surrounded by the lush gardens and native plantings of Smithfield Memorial Park, the Porta Del Paradiso was the first public Mausoleum in South Australia, and includes high quality Granite Finishes as well as feature plantings, seating and statues.

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The picturesque Smithfield Memorial Park offers a range of contemporary, traditional and unique burial options perfect for remembering a life and ensuring an enduring legacy for generations to come. This includes traditional lawn areas and full monument sites as well as above ground burial options.

Pear Tree Grove offers a modern option, planted with Ornamental Pear Trees it provides a peaceful setting to remember loved ones. For those who’ve lived life in harmony with the environment, we offer Pilyu Yarta – one of South Australia’s only two natural burial grounds.

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Smithfield Memorial Park offers a range of memorial options for those wishing to place their loved one’s ashes.

From traditional rose gardens to peaceful lakeside trees, we offer a number of memorial gardens and monument styles to suit your budget.

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Aerial View of Northern Adelaide Cemetery

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