Burials remain a popular choice of interment at Adelaide Cemeteries. Across our four cemeteries we have dozens of beautiful gardens catering for burial. Although the term ‘burial’ defines the method of interment, the style of sites we offer is quite varied.

  • Full monument sites incorporate a concrete vault and allow for monumentation beyond a headstone.
  • Beam and headstone sites cater for vaults or earth burials and feature traditional headstones mounted on a concrete beam.
  • Lawn tablet burials are earth burials in lawned areas with tablets set flush into the lawn.

Adelaide Cemeteries offers modern pavilion gardens, beautiful rose gardens, traditional beam and headstone areas or the quiet prestige of full monument areas. There is no substitute for a guided walk through our gardens with a Memorial Consultant to help you make the right choice. Call today or simply click here to make an enquiry.