We are here to help you, whatever it takes.

For your peace of mind during the COVID-19 outbreak, procedures at our cemeteries are in line with advice from the World Health Organisation, Federal and State governments regarding safe meeting distances, cleaning, sanitisation and printed advice on hygiene practices.

You can view a Frequently Asked Questions video HERE.

Call us first on (08) 8139 7400 or email enquiry@aca.sa.gov.au – enquiries and appointments can virtually all be managed in the first instance via telephone, and from there via email or video call.

Call in and be COVID safe – with respect for safe distances and using officially recommended hygiene practises, we can still meet with you at our Enfield Memorial Park Visitor’s Centre to help in any way you need.

Attending funerals – we respectfully ask that until further notice, individuals who have returned from international travel within the past 14 days or are feeling unwell refrain from attending funeral services at our cemeteries. While we acknowledge the importance of farewelling loved ones, the above advice is in keeping with official health advice at this time.

Funeral Services at Adelaide Cemeteries – while we ask that you respect the above advice regarding travel, health and funeral attendance, Adelaide Cemeteries will continue to host funeral Services at Enfield Memorial Park, West Terrace Cemetery, Cheltenham Cemetery and Smithfield Memorial Park unless advice to the contrary is issued.

We thank you for your understanding and patience during this challenging time.

Contact our team today should you have any questions.