As a Statutory Authority of the State Government we are committed to a strong corporate governance framework that is open and transparent. As part of our commitment we have made available a range of reports, plans and policies.

Specifically in relation to our Floral Tributes Policy, our cemeteries are shared public areas and as such, those wishing to memorialise at sites should be familiar with this Policy.

In the final week of each calendar month, floral tributes are gathered from each garden and placed on racks to allow us to perform required maintenance such as mowing. Tributes are stored on the racks for a period of four weeks and within this timeframe may be retrieved and replaced by families if desired.

The Floral Tributes Policy is available in its entirety below.


Title Size  
Cemetery Operations Statement 430 KB Download
Floral Tributes Policy 887 KB Download
Filming and Photography Permit Form 227 KB Download
Filming and Photography 216 KB Download
Public Interest Disclosure Policy 250 KB Download
Re-use of Burial & Cremation Sites 69 KB Download
Monuments & Memorials 241 KB Download
Social Media Policy 241 KB Download
Environmental Sustainability Policy COR032 196 KB Download

Annual Reports

Title Size  
2019/20 Annual Report 8.2 MB Download
2018/19 Annual Report 9.25 MB Download
2017/18 Annual Report 6.40 MB Download
2016/17 Annual Report 4.92 MB Download

Cemetery plans of management 2018/2023

Title Size  
West Terrace Cemetery PoM 7.19 MB Download
Cheltenham Cemetery PoM 7.17 MB  Download
Enfield Memorial Park PoM 8.51 MB  Download
Smithfield Memorial Park PoM  5.11 MB  Download