MasterChef winner and Adelaide restaurateur Sashi has been named the 2021 Ambassador for a unique, local olive oil.

The limited edition extra virgin olive oil was pressed from the fruit of 60 trees planted more than 150 years ago at West Terrace Cemetery.

Sashi, who won MasterChef in 2018 and now runs the highly successful GAJA by Sashi and GAJA Express, has the good oil on the best ways to use the new product.

“It’s very subtle with a delicate and light fruity note, so I would say it’s ideal for making a vinaigrette for a salad,” said Sashi.

“This oil is so smooth, it certainly doesn’t overpower other flavours and could also be used as an appetiser with white crusty bread and dukkah.”

Well known for his pan-Asian cuisine, Sashi said using the right oil to cook a particular cuisine or dish was very important.

“The trick is not to heat olive oil up too high as it loses its nutritional benefits and can have a bitter taste,” said Sashi.

“At home I love cooking pastas with olive oil on a low to medium heat. I put together a few simple ingredients that complement each other beautifully.”

Adelaide Cemeteries Chief Operating Officer Michael Robertson said the annual release of olive oil was very popular with customers already making enquiries ahead of bottles going on sale October 19.

“Customers like buying it for a number of reasons. Some have relatives buried at West Terrace Cemetery, others like supporting locally made products and of course there’s the novelty,” said Mr Robertson.

“We’re not aware of any other cemetery in Australia that grows olives that are processed to make oil. We see this as an excellent way to ensure the fruit doesn’t go to waste.

“Proceeds from the sale of 300 bottles will go towards the continuing restoration of monuments at Adelaide’s oldest cemetery,” said Mr Robertson.

The olives were pressed by Diana Olive Oil at Willunga and bottled by Minda as part of their Social Enterprise initiative.

The 250ml bottles sell for $13.50 and are stocked at GAJA Express on Waymouth St and Jagger Fine Foods at the Adelaide Central Markets.