Organising a Funeral

One of the challenges in organising a funeral is simply knowing where to begin.

The Adelaide Cemeteries Funeral Planner booklet is a good way to make a start. It prompts questions you need to consider when planning end of life arrangements.

It's quite likely you'll want some guidance as you plan, and our memorial consultants can help explain the process. Please feel free to contact us and make an appointment to talk about your needs.

Choose an authentic farewell

Every life is unique. When saying goodbye, whether considering a simple prayer, a personlised memorial service, or any gesture that respects the deceased, it’s important that arrangements are carried out in keeping with your loved one’s final wishes.

The deceased may have expressed their desires or even made their own arrangements. These might have included pre-purchasing their resting place. If this is the case, there’ll be a clear plan to follow.  

If arrangements haven’t been pre-planned, Adelaide Cemeteries’ memorial consultants can help guide you through the choices. 

Burial, Cremation or Entombment?

The choice of burial, cremation or entombment is another decision often guided by personal or cultural leanings. Of course, the deceased might also have left a clear request before passing. 

It’s worth noting that your choice here will influence the interment and memorial options open to you. Once again, our memorial consultants can help. 

For additional information about burial, cremation and entombment visit the FAQ section.

Find the place that's right

Having made a choice between burial and cremation, choosing a special area that best reflects the deceased and how they wished to be remembered is important. After all, it’s the place that family, friends and future generations will continue to interact with.

Adelaide Cemeteries offers you a choice of four beautiful and distinctly different cemeteries - Enfield Memorial Park, Cheltenham Cemetery, Smithfield Memorial Park and West Terrace Cemetery. Between them they offer rolling lawns, gardens, mausoleums and quiet areas of native bushland.

The ‘our cemeteries’ area on this website offers a preview of what’s on offer, but to make choosing even easier there’s nothing like a personalised tour of the cemetery you feel is right. Contact us to today make an appointment and one of our memorial consultants will be happy to show you through our gardens.

Celebrating life

A funeral or memorial service can help give meaning to a person’s life. It’s an opportunity for family and friends to gather and remember a unique individual, to celebrate the life that was lived and express their shared grief while supporting each another.

There are many ways to commemorate a life. Your choices are limited only by your imagination. The service can be as simple, traditional or celebratory as you wish. 

You can choose a selection of your loved one's favourite music, perhaps along with prayers and hymns to reflect their religious beliefs. 

Perhaps you’d like to select a series of photographs to be included in an audio-visual presentation to give a glimpse into a person’s life, family, friends and passions.

Whatever you choose, Adelaide Cemeteries can help you create a personalised service that honours a life.

Contact our friendly memorial sales team today to discuss your requirements.