We encourage you to contact our Visitors Centre at Enfield Memorial Park if you require advice or further information regarding our cemeteries, the services we offer, or our extensive range of burial and cremation memorial options. We also welcome your feedback about how we can improve our services. You can contact us in person, by phone or email.

Adelaide Cemeteries 

Visitors Centre:

Enfield Memorial Park
Browning Street Clearview, SA, 5085 Australia

Telephone: (08) 8139 7400
Email: enquiry@aca.sa.gov.au
Postal Address: PO Box 294, Enfield Plaza, SA, 5085 Australia

Visitors Centre opening hours:

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

Cemetery opening hours:

The gates of all four of our cemeteries open at sunrise and close at sunset, seven days a week.

For all other enquiries, please complete the form below: