Smyth Chapel

A rare example of a funerary chapel within a major cemetery, Smyth Chapel was built in 1871 as a memorial to the Very Reverend Dr. John Smyth, Vicar General, who lies buried in the crypt beneath the Chapel.

The chapel's design and style are rare in Australia. It was designed by E.J Woods (who also designed the Town Hall and St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral) in the latter part of 1870 as a result of a competition conducted by the Smyth Memorial Fund and built by Peters and Jones for approximately 472 pounds.

Situated within the Catholic area, the foundation stone was laid on 18 December 1870 by the venerable Archdeacon Russell, Vicar General, and was officially opened and formally consecrated on 22 October 1871.

In addition to being listed on the Register of National Estate the chapel is listed as an individual item on the State Heritage Register.

West Terrace Smyth Chapel